Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Spring Ski Day at Alyeska Resort!

View from the restaurant at the top of the mountain (looking towards Crow Pass)

Ah, Spring skiing; it's a wonderful thing! Skiing is just soooo much more fun in the bright daylight and warmth of Spring as opposed to the flat, low light and hideous cold of winter! (I'm such a wimp!)

Here are a few more photos from the mountain:
(they were taken from my camera phone so they are not the best quality)

On the Spirit Quad lift to the top
View of the town of Girdwood, Bird Ridge and the Turnagain Arm

There are more photos from this trip to Alyeska located on my Flickr account.


  1. Skiing in yer shorts ROCKS!!! Your great pics are making edgy for another trip!
    Thanks for visiting an leaving your voice on my blog. Very good thoughts. I just wish we could get her out NOW-there is plenty of time left in her term for major destruction. I worry for our state...but yes, focus also needs to go to getting the right person aboard.

    Take care, and happy skiing! And that is ONE BIG DOG you have there! So FUN!

  2. I stayed in Alyeska Resort couple of month ago and I enjoyed over there. Starting from the staff, food, and location, this was simply the best place I ever stayed.

    You are absolutely right, you must had a good time in that resort.