Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why do People do This?

Another Blogger had a topic which was Atheism vs. Anti Theologism and what the difference is. There is a large difference. I can put it into perspective by sharing the story of having a quiet Sunday interrupted by some folks that wanted to insinuate themselves into our quiet Sunday to share their spiritual beliefs. For some reason these people seemed to feel empowered by their god of choice to interrupt our quiet Sunday to drop off some paperwork, that were we to actually read and critique in their presence, would not have been favorable to them. Why do they feel justified to share the beliefs which should be private with others. I would never presume to visit any other person's home and share my view of the world with them. So here is the tale:

We were just visited by some Baptist Fundamentalist missionaries here in the Valley, which led us discussing in depth my lack of theology. I've been told to "go to Hell" by those that don't wish to hear of my anti-theological beliefs. I always have to ask "which Hell"? When one does not choose to be a practitioner of organized religion or a believer in any "God" one is often seen as someone who is uncaring or not involved in the betterment of humanity. Such is not the case. Being a caring individual does not have to be an extension of practicing religion, in fact, if one is philanthropic in one's own right, then often times the true benefit reaches the people in need without a middle man reaping some benefit prior to the needy folks receiving their much needed assistance.

Man evolved all over this planet. Associated genesis tales were spread through their communities either in written form or verbal tales. Death has always been a concern since we evolved to have large enough brains to understand cessation of life. Afterlife tales and rituals were propagated to explain the unexplainable. Once we evolved to become smart enough to question our existence and our surroundings we needed to create explanations. Why do many subscribe to the religions of the Middle Eastern and Northern Hemisphere genesis tales, Judaism and Christianity being two that are very popular. The Aborigines in Australia were a society as many as 40,000 years before the first organized societies came into place in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia. Why do we now not subscribe to the genesis tales of those that have been organized humans for much longer than the Middle East and subsequent European societies? Why does no one take into account the Asians that most likely came across the land bridge into Alaska? They must have had some tales worth sharing and some God worth worshipping.

People will often ask if science is "my God" but no. Our modern science has but scratched the surface of what it means to be human, on a planet a favorable distance from an average sun, in a small system of planets in a medium sized galaxy of billions of stars, with planetary systems of their own that we do not have the technology to visit.

There are so many mysteries but I'm never willing to just write them off to "God" regardless of which one is referred to. Life is too fascinating to just leave it at that. There must be exploration and introspection. "God" is just too easy, and lazy.