Sunday, April 12, 2009


It's Easter. Now it's snowing. Thought we'd get through this Easter without snow, but no, it's 6pm and it's snowing.

Brief history of my Easters in Alaska. Been here since 1990, first Easter in AK was 1991. Easter usually means snow up to your butt and more snow coming down on Easter.

Spring seems to have sprung a bit early this year but still, the snow is falling on Easter Sunday.

It's still Spring; it's light at 5:00am and light until 11:00pm, but still it is snowing on Easter, April 12.

Snow in the woods is only up to my knees so not so bad; walked with the dogs in fields of last year's grass and no snow, except in patches.

Friends in other places have photos of daffodils and forsythia on their blogs. We'll be there soon, but for now, it's snowing, and snowing hard on Easter.


  1. ugh! i wrote this great long comment and bam, all gone. Anyway, how are you? On Easter this year I was flying from 85 degree weather to 55 degree weather and it was great all the way around. ARe you as happy as I am that WAR did not get confirmed. I think I would have lost all faith in our legislators had he been voted in. It is a crazy political circus up here!

    Hope to see you guys soon, kiss all the dogs and cats for me!


  2. I can't even imagine light at 11pm, that always amazes me when I hear or read about that.

    Glad the AK Legislators did the right thing and rejected WAR; you deserve so much better!

  3. Sandie, yep, Alaskan politics have always been interesting, but wow, this is beyone the pale! 85 sounds wonderful, but my body can't do it anymore....when we go to Hawaii, I sometimes get sick if it's over 80; and I grew up a Southern girl! Maybe I was always a Northern girl stuck in a Southern girl body....Welcome home Sandie, hope to see you guys again soon!

    Trish, nice to see you here and thanks for the comment. Yep, the light thing does take some getting used to but we really love it after having the sunset at 3:45pm in December! It comes on quick this time of year and by mid-May we can no longer see any but the brightest stars at night...we have to wait until mid August for it to get dark enough for more than a few stars.

    And to both of you, yay, NO WAR!