Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm Runnin' (I was a little bored on this rainy day)

Not certain whether it's poetry or rap! At any rate, I hope that you will find it amusing. Did I tell you I was bored on this rainy day? Iambic pentameter (probably not) meets PDiddy?

Sarah Palin, I'm Runnin':

I'm runnin', I'm runnin'

The post which I'm elected for will end up being nevermore

I'll quit it by half time, because it's so mine

I'll be remembered for ever more for being Governor for a tenth of a score.

But I'm runnin', I'm runnin'

Just to get elected but then I'll be rejectin'

The job; elected to by an angry mob

Of teabaggers and tongue waggers

Takin' what's mine is my new pastime,

And it's past time, for a new civil war, and I'm its' biggest boor!

I'm Palin, and failin' is my MO; showin' what I don't know

It's made me rich, and yes I'm still a witch (thanks Reverend Muthee, for NOTHIN')

Queen of Walmart; a bumpit with no brain

Sucking dollars from the stupid and insane

Guess I do owe a shout out to Mr. John McCain

One man's lack of vetting sure did end up abetting

A career of griftin' and stealin'

Darn it, you know his head must be reelin'!

Suck it Couric and O'Reilly too

Only Hannity and Beck are part of my crew

(and VanSusteren, but hey, that's a hard rhyme…just give me some time...)

Got Murdoch in my pocket and Roger Ailes too,

Got Malek and Rove and Krystol wooed.

Just hopin' that Steele knows his place in this world

'Cause only for whites does the great flag unfurl.

I'm Palin and I'm runnin'

Levi's spoils are won, even without the shotgun!

Trig and Tripp and new baby make three

more street cred for Focus on the Family (love ya Dobson ;-)

If that doesn't "sill the dill", I don't know what will

Get used to it folks, y'alls now in the yokes of

Palin 2012, hope my detractors don't delve....

(too deeply, that could be bad…also too I hope that the Mayan calendar is not right and I get to be President for more than just a month and a half.)

XOXO (don't mean it)

SP (but not really)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teabag Nation. Listen Up.

Informed folks are never gonna get it. The baggers, the honest to god blue collar baggers that have no notion of what it truly takes to run a country are always going to side with the person who displays the characteristics that play so prominently in their own lives.

In the life of a certain segment of Americans, education plays a small role, church going and tithing play a large role. Wanting to be represented in Washington by someone that seems to have the same lifestyle as they do plays a HUGE role. These people are sick and tired of having people smarter and more accomplished than they are representing their interests in the political arena.

Palin is merely pandering to a segment that fits her mentality and the persona she has created.

There is a growing cultural divide in this country. The disenfranchised right don't see a single thing wrong with writing the answers on your hand. They want to be represented by people "just like them" but fail to realize that "people just like them" are not qualified to head up one of the most powerful nations in the world.

This small portion of America that wishes to have a person in charge that is like them and writes their grocery list on the palm of their hand is a segment of our population that better step up their game or learn to speak Chinese, because it will make it so much easier to work in the Chinese factories when we truly lose America, forever.

The politically active far right dream of empowering America through their protests and signage and vocalizations, however, they are not making our country stronger. Their main agenda seems to be making fun of and holding down a President that wants nothing more than to strengthen their position in this country and make this Nation strong again rather than sell out to China and India. (Ya know, those countries that have college graduates working in factories and phone rooms because they can't get a better job with their Master's degrees from America.)

Baggers, educate your children and have them create a bigger, stronger America, or focus or having them learn Chinese. Those are your choices. If you choose option B, learning Chinese, hopefully your kids will have medical insurance over there in China in the factories that they will be working in.