Friday, February 20, 2009

Pillow Fight!

I wasn't around for this "pillow fight" but I have photographic evidence that it did indeed happen! Long story short, I went away for a few hours to help Sally fence in her deck. I placed Annie in the kennel and put away anything that Brian might get into; trash can, remote controls, blankets, etc. Well, apparently I forgot to put the pillow away (yes, pillow, singular, as in we only had one left anyway as the others had already been eviscerated...)

The above photos are of the scene that greeted me when I returned home. Not that anyone admitted guilt, but Brian is the likely culprit as Annie was locked up and the other 3 no longer have an interest in destroying property, only dog toys.

Rather than acting contrite, or ashamed Brian greeted me heartily while romping through the inches of feathers and down that covered the living room floor and furniture. He was pretty darned proud of himself.

Cleaning commenced with the majority of the stuffing being swept into the trash can. I attempted to vacuum the remainder, but the vacuum exhaust just blew the feathers around and made even more of a mess. Curious cats entered the scene and proceeded to chase the flying feathers around! After a bit more sweeping and a little more vacuuming (the vacuum plugged up twice with down stuck in the bottom hose...) the majority was removed. There are still feathers and down floating around various corners and under furniture and I suspect we will be seeing them around for a few weeks.

The last photo is me taking a well deserved rest and Brian trying to make up :-)

Brian just received his very own kennel yesterday so hopefully no more messy surprises for a while.

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