Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All About Brian

Didn't really have a post for today so Tuesday, February 17, 2009 is officially "Brian Day" on the blog.

Brian was roaming the house last night and Benton decided to do a little training and told him to sit. Well, he decided to do his "sit" on the steps and there he stayed, just being his little photogenic self for a good long while. Well, a good long while in dog moments, at least long enough to get some photos of his cute mug. Yeti the cat was trying to move in on his photo-op as she is a complete camera hog!

More on Brian:
We were on a hike at Crevasse Moraine Park on Sunday and Brian got the "good dog" award of the day. A momma and baby moose crossed the trail about 100 yards in front of us and Brian went running towards them and stopped when I yelled "no Brian". He then proceeded to come back to me and not go chasing after the moose. I was so very proud of him and I think this was a major breakthrough. I think that Annie would have chased and harassed the moose until she was kicked in the head and knocked out or worse. Annie is beginning "shock collar" training this week in an effort to make her more controllable. I don't want to kill her spirit, just make her more obedient, especially when her disobedience puts her in harms way. Annie can have a photo page once she receives a "good dog" award of the day....

That's all folks!

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  1. Thanks for the photos of the Eklutna hike--great. Great to see the dogs & of course the back end of Allison & J.B. Get J.B. to take a photo of you on the next hike. Also, we are commenting on Brian's photos on the steps. Yetti tried her best to get in there! Brian is so handsome.