Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sarah Palin Says

Sarah Palin is a woman who has raised a few children who are poster children for bad behavior, she will be quick to admonish anyone else that does not subscribe to her "Grizzly Mom" style of child-rearing.

Sarah Palin admonishes those that have achieved advanced degrees in our halls of education; she on the other hand will glorify her own attempt at achieving such a degree in our halls of education.

Sarah Palin will spout divisive and inflammatory rhetoric, while admonishing anyone else that does the same.

Sarah Palin will tell the world that she is a talented and practiced hunter of big game, while asking her Dad if that gun will "kick", then ask her father to reload the weapon for her in between her use of said weapon.

Sarah Palin will call for transparency in Government while requiring at minimum, stalling tactics, or actual redaction of the information contained in her emails requested while she was an elected public official.

Sarah Palin would get upon a national stage and proclaim that Alaska was currently undertaking the largest Energy Project in the history of our country, when no such gas pipeline will ever come to fruition.

Sarah Palin will say she took on the Old Boy Network in Oil Production and raised their taxes so that Alaska could reap the benefits. The current Governor is now lowering those taxes so that oil production can continue.

Sarah Palin will say that God opens doors for her, and she hopes to always be cognizant of those "open doors" so she can "plow right through them". God must have a sense of humor, or He has a penchant for Toast.


  1. Petmom. We cannot go on by carrying the burden of the quitter. We are but children of the earth. As such we should hold our heads high and continue as we should. Too much time on someone like Sarah is not a healthy thing. Love your comments and look forward to seeing more!! Your friend Bob.

  2. Hi, Petmom!! Thanks for your thoughts and share -- this is great and very well said.

    I just found the link to your blog at I.M., and want to thank whoever shared that with us. I will also be looking forward to 'seeing more' from you. :o)

    Have a great day -

  3. Don't kill me AKPetmom!
    I didn't realize you had a blog!!!
    Just found it today.
    I'll be back...you are spot on with this post.


  4. Mama Grifter claims to be the perfect loving wife, yet the hubs is often found in massage parlors, seeking out happy endings.

    Methinks Mama Grifter is a sham.