Sunday, February 7, 2010

Teabag Nation. Listen Up.

Informed folks are never gonna get it. The baggers, the honest to god blue collar baggers that have no notion of what it truly takes to run a country are always going to side with the person who displays the characteristics that play so prominently in their own lives.

In the life of a certain segment of Americans, education plays a small role, church going and tithing play a large role. Wanting to be represented in Washington by someone that seems to have the same lifestyle as they do plays a HUGE role. These people are sick and tired of having people smarter and more accomplished than they are representing their interests in the political arena.

Palin is merely pandering to a segment that fits her mentality and the persona she has created.

There is a growing cultural divide in this country. The disenfranchised right don't see a single thing wrong with writing the answers on your hand. They want to be represented by people "just like them" but fail to realize that "people just like them" are not qualified to head up one of the most powerful nations in the world.

This small portion of America that wishes to have a person in charge that is like them and writes their grocery list on the palm of their hand is a segment of our population that better step up their game or learn to speak Chinese, because it will make it so much easier to work in the Chinese factories when we truly lose America, forever.

The politically active far right dream of empowering America through their protests and signage and vocalizations, however, they are not making our country stronger. Their main agenda seems to be making fun of and holding down a President that wants nothing more than to strengthen their position in this country and make this Nation strong again rather than sell out to China and India. (Ya know, those countries that have college graduates working in factories and phone rooms because they can't get a better job with their Master's degrees from America.)

Baggers, educate your children and have them create a bigger, stronger America, or focus or having them learn Chinese. Those are your choices. If you choose option B, learning Chinese, hopefully your kids will have medical insurance over there in China in the factories that they will be working in.


  1. Sad, but true. Someone has to lay it out for them, but sadly, they'll never get it.

    Coming from India, I just don't understand how so many people in this country undervalue education, how those parents don't push their children to go to college. In India, for those of us who are lucky enough to have access to education, it's not a choice. Our parents make sure we go to college and, like you mentioned, get at least one master's degree.

    I fear for the future of this great country.

  2. I think this speaks to your point, even though it's specifically talking to teen pregnancy:

    "Beyond that, when I think about the girls who got pregnant back in high school, and the dudes that got them pregnant, in the main, I don't think about them needing tools for impulse control, so much as I think about them not understanding the beautiful bigness of the world, and how teen pregnancy shrinks that world. To say that they had low expectations for themselves doesn't get at it, more like, they didn't really know what was possible."
    -- Ta-Nehisi Coates, How to Stop Teens From Having Sex, on The Atlantic

  3. Great write AKPetMom!
    Here is an article you will appreciate!
    here is a small snippet off the page;

    "The goal of many leaders of this ultraconservative religious movement is imposing a narrow theological agenda on secular society. The predominantly Christian leadership envisions a religiously-based authoritarian society; therefore we prefer to describe this movement as the "theocratic right." A theocrat is someone who supports a form of government where the actions of leaders are seen as sanctioned by God--where the leaders claim they are carrying out God's will. The central threat to democracy posed by the theocratic right is not that its leaders are religious, or fundamentalist, or right wing--but that they justify their political, legislative, and regulatory agenda as fulfilling God's plan.

    Along with the theocratic right, two other hard right political movements pose a grave threat to democracy: regressive populism, typified by diverse groups ranging from members of the John Birch Society out to members of the patriot and armed militia movements; and White racial nationalism, promoted by Pat Buchanan and his shadow, David Duke of Louisiana.

    The theocratic right, regressive populism, and White racial nationalism make up a hard right political sector that is distinct from and sometimes in opposition to mainstream Republicanism and the internationalist wing of corporate conservatism.

    Finally, there is the militant, overtly racist extreme right that includes the open White supremacists, Ku Klux Klan members, Christian Patriots, racist skinheads, neonazis, and right-wing revolutionaries. Although numerically smaller, the extreme right is a serious political factor in some rural areas, and its propaganda promoting violence reaches into major metropolitan centers where it encourages alienated young people to commit hate crimes against people of color, Jews, and gays and lesbians, among other targets. The electoral efforts of Buchanan and Duke serve as a bridge between the ultraconservative hard right and the extreme right movements. The armed militia movement is a confluence of regressive populism, White racial nationalism, and the racist and antisemitic extreme right.

    All four of these hard right activist movements are antidemocratic in nature, promoting in various combinations and to varying degrees authoritarianism, xenophobia, conspiracist theories, nativism, racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, demagoguery, and scapegoating. Each wing of the antidemocratic right has a slightly different vision of the ideal nation."

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  5. I am agree with this thing "China and India. (Ya know, those countries that have college graduates working in factories and phone rooms because they can't get a better job with their Master's degrees from America.)" For such a country like that, they really believe that the education in their country is better than in America. As you can see, they have a strict rules for study and they are trying really hard to get a better life. Maybe America cannot have the same thing because life is much more easier with all the freedoms. Everyone should be worry with people from those country like China and India, because if you're not trying that hard, it is true that you will have to work for them. Look at them, they spread to all over the world to learn something and create a better one. Why can't we do the same thing?

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