Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rant of the Day

In response to blind followers of the religious right, and to people who applaud at ridiculous things just because they feel like they have to, or they are surrounded by people who just might look at them askance if they do not applaud. Screw those people.

As far as the “polite applause” goes, I don’t do that, ever, no matter the circumstance.

I also, when pledging allegiance, do not recite the line “One Nation under god” because I don’t believe that we should be a Nation under any god and firmly believe that the combination of church and state (under the guise of separation of church and state) is one of this nation’s fundamental flaws.

A country practicing separation of church and state does not have “in god we trust” on it’s currency.

No wonder so many feel that it is appropriate to run on platforms of religion and incite their followers with religious rhetoric, which in turn breeds hatred for things not accepted by their particular religion.

Until we remove god from all aspects of anything associated with our government, we will never be free from the zealots that threaten our freedoms.

In order to be a truly free country and one that can hold the title of democracy, we must remove any god from the equation.

Ok, that’s my rant for the day, back to flu bed.


  1. Lets have our own mudstock. Not putting my phone number out on the intertubes but as blog owner you have my real email address. Shoot me an emai then we can meet up,

  2. Empish, If you check back here, I can't see your profile, well I can see your name and for how long you've been a member but no other info, ie email.

    Perhaps it's not public?

    Send me a mail (use email on my profile) and then I'll have your mail...

    hope you see this

  3. Well said! Good on ya mate. (aussie slang, means you done good)

  4. Hi Dave, used to work for a company called SofTix, based out of Sydney and had a close working relationship with many Aussies who also happened to visit a few times here in AK. As you can imagine, much fun was had by all and I picked up a few bits of Aussie slang whilst in their company.

    Not to shed bad light on myself but they taught us the word "whinger" and my hub likes to use if frequently when I get out of hand!

    If you read this AKDave Down Under...funny story about one of the Aussies that went to the Anchorage Outback Steakhouse...he asked the waitress if they served the "buggered sheep".

    Aussies in Anchorage, way too funny and way too much fun!

  5. I so agree with you! I also hate public prayers and don't participate in those either. That one nation under god was added by religious zealots and incorporated by Eisenhower.

  6. Lets remember that this country was founded on religious values and that our laws are based on religious values and this country will stay that way and will probably grow more faith base as people see those who are trying to destory the moral fiber of America.