Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wasilla Governor's Picnic

Hi all, figured I'd better get a new post out here as someone from Mudflats said they wanted to leave me a comment, and I could never forgive myself if I missed out on some social interaction with any of the Mudpuppies!

I took some photos at the Governor's Wasilla Picnic yesterday and they are posted on my flickr account here:

I also did some video, albeit with my tiny little Canon Powershot A570IS, but I thought it did a respectable job for a little "digi" point and shoot. Way to go little Canon.

Best of all Mudflats was nice enough to post Sarah's speech video on her website and even use my version to transcript. Thanks AKM, and I'm glad I could help out. You do so much for us it's nice to do something for you!!

At any rate, here is the link to my YouTube account that has all of the videos on it from the Wasilla Picnic. Except for the Sarah's speech, the other three from the picnic are just of me wandering around mumbling and talking to myself and making other picnic attendees stare at me in either mirth or consternation, depending on what I was mumbling at the time and if it was favorable to the Governor or not.

Thanks for visiting my photos and videos; I expect we'll be seeing similar things from the "boots on the ground" in Anchorage this afternoon, and Fairbanks tomorrow. I can't wait!


  1. AKPetMom ~

    Thank you so much for your awesome report from Wasilla! I'm far away in Tennessee, but i feel like i've been to Alaska. This is thanks to people like yourself. (Thank you for saving me thousands in airfare right now, but will put it on the bucket list).

    I'm a pet mom, too. My five kids are grown and gone, and the pets are benefiting. Currently, i'm mom to a Chihuahua (we call her 10 pounds of light brown sugar), a huge orange cat (did you know that most orange cats are male?), and two adorable, spoiled ferrets. One of the ferrets is named 'Snowy Fireball', if that gives you any indication of how much fun a four-month-old baby ferret can be.

    Thank you again for your awesome reporting! I so enjoy reading your posts at 'the flats'.

    Best regards,
    Tina in Tennessee

  2. Thanks Tina! I grew up in your neck of the woods in Virginia but have been up here for nearly 20 years. I have to go back soon to visit my Grandma as she is getting up in years. I understand the pain of purchasing the x-country airline ticket!

    And aren't pets the best? Don't have any ferrets but they are very cute and very wily and I'm sure can be a handful. My two youngest pups, two year old mutt and 1 year old pitbull are the ones that keep me on my toes! The two older ones, a 4.5 year old newfie mix and 9.5 year old 3-legged mastiff/st bernard mix are a bit more calm and reasonable.

    You just reminded me that I need to update my profile as we have lost a few members of the furry and feathered family since I wrote that. The big newfie on my lap in my profile pic went off to the bridge on my birthday, 6/30 and the ducks were consumed by some sort of carnivore back in April; foxes or coyotes, not sure which. Also lost a kitty back in June...very rewarding to have them around but also heartbreaking when they leave you.

    Thanks for writing...I don't know how to actually comment on your comment so I'll just leave my own comment addressed to you! Hope you see it.

  3. Hey my friend! Good job there at Mudflats. I am not a very exciting mudpup to have visit, I am afraid, as I read your blog anyway, so am not new, oh well....

    Hope to see you soon

  4. AKPetMom - I'm so glad I found your post with the link to your blog and fabulous Wasilla picnic pics and videos! I loved your walking commentary. You have a very pleasant voice and you got in some funnies. Felt like I was right there experiencing the crowd and festivities with you. That was one crazy-long hot dog line.

    I lived in northern VA for most of my life. I'm in CA now and don't miss the VA summer humidity or winter freeze at all. Can't imagine how you adjusted to the AK extremes.

    Thank you for documenting the picnic...flu and all! Hope you're all better now!