Thursday, March 19, 2009

We don't need no education

Way to go Sarah Palin! Standing up to those silly Dems and their crazy stimulus package.

Sorry Sarah Palin, but we do need some education, especially here in Alaska.

Sarah says, "we don't need you up here, we're just fine without your stimulus money, especially the $160 million for education. Wow, we might need a lot of things up here, but extra money to educate Alaskans, hell no, we're smarter than, oh wait, we're not smarter than any of the lower 49 states? Even some schools in the most downtrodden areas of Appalachia have better test results and lower dropout rates than Alaska?....sorry my bad, guess I didn't do my research. I'm a populist, ya know, and that means that I'm really just a middle aged cheerleader that doesn't have to know what I'm talking about. I'm just here to get you all riled up and excited about, well, something that seems important at the time......"

Oh, well, just ignore the fact that Alaskan children have some of the lowest scores on standardized tests in the nation and our dropout rate is at 38%.

Also ignore the fact that our governor can't put together a coherent sentence to save her life and her daughter sounded just like the single-mother-high school-dropout that she is when she was premiering her newest child to the nation w/Greta Van Susteren on Fox News. Not to mention the fact that Bristol's "baby daddy" Levi Johnston could hardly be described as "eloquent" in his last interview w/ABC news. There are three shining examples of products of the Alaska school system, and they're part of the Governor's family!!!

I guess Sarah Palin is holding the entire state of Alaska to the same level of achievement as her family.

Well, I give up. What's good enough for the Palin's should be good enough for the rest of us. I hearby give up the good grammer and speelliing and all of the other things that I thot that edumacation were meant to make good for us and will just be hapy to be on the level that the Palins say is a good thing because them say so.

In all seriousness, we might be building a gas pipeline up here within the next decade. If we turn down money to educate our children, where is the labor force going to come from that assists in the creation and implementation of this project? Will we have to resort to importing Texans and Oklahomans again, as we did to build the oil pipeline? We need this money to go towards standard and vo-tech educational facilities and her turning it down in order to strengthen what she perceives as her "national position" does nothing more than injure the state of Alaska.

Sarah needs to make a choice, because she can no longer play both sides of the fence. She needs to choose to be our Governor 100% and make choices that benefit Alaskans, or she needs to step down and focus on her national aspirations.

I hope that our Legislature comes together, both Dems and Reps and decides that we do need at least the education portion of the stimulus, and our state becomes more of a shining example of educational achievement instead of what it is now. We can shine despite our Governor's best efforts to keep us down.


  1. leave it to an alaskan volcano to add some stress to my life. Last time I was in Alaska for a volcanic eruption, it was Spurr and nearly derailed my wedding to the wonderful Dave. Now it is threatning to derail my vacation! I am annoyed.

    that said, it is kind of cool, living some place that has volcanos.

  2. ok that was supposed to go on the redoubt post. sorry