Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Katie Couric Won an Award....

Thanks to Sarah Palin being an IDIOT! I love it. A 5th grader with some of the facts would have been able to make Sarah Palin look stupid....it doesn't take much.

But Katie's in-depth interview with Alaska's brain dead governor garnered her a prestigious Conkrite Award.

Katie Couric has interviewed and spoke with many celebrated and intelligent national and world leaders but her "gotcha" interview with Sarah Palin was the one to get her the Conkrite Award? Hitting myself on the head right now for not ever thinking to find Sarah Palin and ask her some simple questions and go on record with an interview....I mean REALLY, anyone reading this blog right now could have asked her some questions that she was not able to answer.

I mean, I do love the fact that she showed that Sarah Palin was not fit to be the Mayor of Wasilla, let alone the Governor of Alaska and need I say the Vice President of the United States...I just wish I'd thought of it first.

'Nuff said.

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