Monday, January 12, 2009

So, Monday January 12, 2009. I have been perusing all of my favorite Alaska political blogs and in between sneaking peaks at who wore what, who said what and who won what awards at last night's Golden Globes. Warmth has again graced this little corner of the world and temps are at 10 degrees ABOVE and supposedly rising. Forecasters are calling for RAIN on Wednesday...hmmm, didn't really need for it to get that warm and ruin all of the fabulous ski trails that have been set at various parks in the area, but hey, I guess we take it as it comes. The dogs are definitely enjoying this warmer climate as are the ducks. My two male ducks were trying to swim in their bucket at -20 and one of them at some point became stuck to the side of the water bucket and lost a good sized patch of feathers. I put a board over all but a small portion of the bucket so that they would be able to drink but not swim. Swimming is not a recommended recreationally activity at -20 degrees, but I see the wild ducks doing it all of the time in various open water areas in the Valley. At any rate, for now this blog will be for family and friends and I'll post favorite links in case any of them would like to visit these recommended sites.

I'm testing posting the urls now so I'll have to update later....

below is a test done by my husband Benton, computer geek extraordinaire, figuring out how to embed urls and other things into my blog. I'm leaving it for future reference for myself as it has some coding in it I may need to be reminded of one day.

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