Sunday, January 11, 2009

First post from my new blog. Just testing to make certain that all is in order. Warming up here in Wasilla. From -15 this morning at 8am to 2 above at 3:20pm.

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  1. I do have some comments that I have been trying to post at Palin's Deception site that for one reason or another Morgan will not post...But I have read enough from you, to know you would find them interesting, and maybe give some feedback on them.

    I have a new theory....
    We know Track was hanging out at the Johnston house a lot (possibly why he was sent to Michigan to play "hockey" and part of why he joined the military). We know it was Track who was partying a lot and Track was the one that introduced Bristol and Levi.

    "What if"....
    Track was messing around with Sade Johnston...Mercede is younger than Bristol...

    "What if" Mercede got pregnant by Track, and the Johnston family threatened the Palins with a charge of Rape (statutory or otherwise), and Sarah "made a deal", she would take the baby and give the Johnston's a pay off (why the comments about "some people making money off us" by Bristol). a picture of Mercede looking pregnant Summer of '07.

    "What if" it was not discovered the baby was DS until it was born (shortly before Sarah said she was pregnant).
    "What if" The back up plan to Sarah playing off being pregnant did not work was hiding Bristol (1. to keep her from Levi and 2. a "shiny" to dangle if Sarah could not pull off being pregnant)
    "What if" Bristol's pay off was getting Levi...

    The Johnston's would get money (look at Levi's new truck), some sort of protection for Mama Johnston (she was not charged during the time Sarah was running for VP).

    I have not quite worked out what Sade would get (maybe that trip to Florida & Disney World), but it seems she is not happy, and is testing the Palin's by talking about Levi and Bristol. (I do think Bristol did get pregnant by Levi during her "back up plan seclusion" and the Baby was born Feb 25th (not Dec 29th). Maybe Mercedes thought Track was going to marry her (why she was calling Sarah Mommy-in-Law in her myspace photo's

    I think Trig was not supposed to be announced until April 20th (Tracks Birthday) but someone threatened to squeal unless they got (more money maybe?) so Sarah had to rush home, make up the wild ride story to claim Trig.

    I think Sarah is convinced the world has bought her being pregnant with Trig, and Bristol having Tripp in Dec and is reneging on what ever deal she made with the Johnston's. After all, who is going to believe that "drug dealing, trailer court trash family", and as an added incentive to stay in line, we will not let you see either baby.

    Track is also barely literate
    As well as an Oxycontin-snorting, womanizing, kleptomaniac!
    Track has a well known temper too

    If anyone can translate this for me, feel free to comment. This is a statement of a spokesperson of the Governor about Track's decision to enlist. "Gov. Palin has declined to comment. The Palin family wants to keep private some aspects of his decision, spokeswoman Sharon Leighow said. " What would one have to say except that they were proud of the decision?

    I must point out I am still a believer in the Bristolx2 and that she gave birth shortly before her car accident in Feb. But the more I am looking into the Track/Mercede connection idea, the more I am finding it holds water.

    I blog on myspace, I belong to several group blogging exercise groups. I have been on myspace for a long time (since 2003) and I have seen a lot of things on myspace.

    BUT I have not seen anything like the Palmer/Wasilla/valley teens of Alaska. They post about every party, about who is having sex, who wants sex and who is flirting, who is dating, who has broken up. It is pretty amazing at some of the things they spill about.

    I would not post this link normally, but all the kids are over 18 now. So here is a link to Sade Johnston's Boyfriends myspace page - Dylan Schindele. Read the comments, look at the pictures, click on the friends names to go to their is pretty amazing....from this point on, I'll refer to them as "The Group" as I do not want to get into naming teens.
    I have never seen so much partying and being so open about the partying and sex....

    In this Picture Mercede Johnston looks pregnant to me (folder was labeled "Fair 2007" it was on another friend of the "group" myspace pictures), (far left side)

    This one made me stop in my tracks and go hmmmm! (also on another friend of the "group" myspace pictures)
    February 25, 2009.
    7lbs 2oz so so precious
    No proof as to who the baby is, or who the mother is, but if you do a side by side comparison of baby Tripp from the Greta Van Suckup video, this looks like the very same baby!