Thursday, August 13, 2009

Palin has broken herself AND flip flopped AGAIN!

Palin has broken her image and turned herself into a joke; a political joke.

The higher calling that she resigned her Governorship for, well, has turned into a lower calling; she is now spending her days pandering to the lowest common denominator of the GOP. The portion of the GOP that do not have the power or the numbers to ever "progress" her political career. Regardless of her family issues: Todd sleeping on the couch, another wild teenage girl to control and the constant Trig maternity speculation, Palin is doing herself in politically with every word that comes from either her mouth or her keyboard.

I think we can all rest assured that she is done politically. Now we can all sit back and just look forward to the latest "pearls of wisdom" that drop from her Facebook. (what, no Tweets, Sarah, oh why, oh why?) I no longer worry about Sarah Palin being a political force in our country, however I do worry about her "base" and how passionate and well-armed they are. She will incite bloodshed at some point with her ill-informed rants.

I wrote this last night and did not post it. Now today it comes out the Palin has issued another Facebook statement, so obviously not written by her. We know it was not written by her because it actually states text from the Healthcare bill, which means that she actually would have to have read it, and really, how many hours does she have in a day to actually read anything other than blog entries that she must show to her lawyer, and tabloids that question the solidity of her marriage?

So now, she has someone on the payroll doin' the readin' and the fact findin' and the writin' on the Facebook, but oh, there is something that her readin', fact findin, and writin' team was not told before this latest Facebook entry regarding healthcare....wait, wait, wait...

Yep, Sarah Palin was FOR the same thing that she is now against. She basically had a Death Panel Day here in Alaska. That is, she declared a "Healthcare Decisions Day" in Alaska back in April 2008. A day dedicated to encouraging people to make known their wishes for end of life care before they were unable to speak for themselves.

Yep, she's a flip flopper again. Just like the bridge to, wait, where was that bridge to again, oh yea, nowhere, the bridge to nowhere....Sarah Palin is her own bridge to nowhere, she just doesn't realize it yet.

In her heart of hearts I hope she knows that the God she says guides her in all of her decisions would not agree with some of her recent behavior. I cannot believe that she would be found worthy of the kingdom of Heaven when her life was presented to her God for judgement regarding her place in the afterlife.

When Heaven's "Death Panel" reviews the actions of Palin, I can only feel that it will be "thumbs down", rather than "thumbs up".

Too much talking the talk Palin and not nearly enough walking the walk.

Good to be done and rid of you. I just really thought it would take much longer than 17 days after your resignation from your elected position of Governor of Alaska for you to become a complete political joke and now, well, nothing more than tabloid fodder, oh and a BIG FLIP FLOPPER, AGAIN!


  1. $P is not alone--Newt Gingrich did the same. They can comfort each other in their Hour of Karma.

  2. Since there is obviously someone else writing on that Facebook site - and it is NOT $arah herself - we obviously should report it to Facebook, shouldn't we?
    Here is the site:

  3. Yeah, I wonder what those two nitwits who were trying to take down Gryph have to say now? Good god this is far worse than anything he said. The funniest thing about it is that she has no one to blame but herself. No blogger could ever take her down like she takes herself down.

    The person who wrote these posts for her must be mortified (well maybe if they are writing for her they don't even know what that is)! I can hear them now, "Sarah, why in the h*ll didn't you tell me about that proclamation you made a year ago?"

    Do you think she is even slightly embarrassed? Somehow I doubt it.....

  4. AK PetMom, I've seen your comments sprinkled over my fave AK blogs, good to see you joining the pj party! hope you enjoy yourself! write on....

  5. AKPetMom, excellent! In fact, I was just listening to Rachel Maddow tonight talking about all of the GOP hypocrites stoking fear into their base that the health care reform would give the gov'ment control over their lives! Egads! But then shows exactly how the Bush administration interfered in the Terry Schiavo case. Jeesh! It never ceases to astound me. Rachel is fantastic every night, but tonight was particularly good.

  6. AKPetMom, Would you be able to help me with this question? I really need someone in Alaska to call the court and find out if they ever conduct court on Saturdays. I have posted the following at several sites and have not received an answer.
    "I recently realized that Bristol's court date on 1/19/08 was a SATURDAY. This was her minor speeding ticket (4-9 mph over) she got on 8/6/07 which was continued several times until finally heard on 1/19/08.
    Does the Alaskan juvenile court system hold hearings on Saturdays??? Or is that only for a privileged pregnant Governor’s daughter? Can someone please check on that and let me know?"

    It is really important to me to know if Bristol is the only one with a Saturday court date. I will check back here or you can leave me a message at TT. Thank you for any information you can provide.

  7. Hey AKPetMom,
    Nice post. I think that SP and crew would know by now that there are records. It is like she never thinks it is going to be found out. Thanks but No Thanks my arse.

    ProChoice Grandma, If it was a trafic violation would it not be in traffic court? I don't see why it would go to juvenile court?

    P.S. House hunting is murder

  8. The Rubber Room Hotel, I can only assume from what I know of my state that a 16 year old who receives a moving traffic violation has to appear in juvenile court with a parent or guardian, he/she cannot just pay the ticket.
    Here is the docket for Bristol's speeding ticket she received 8/6/07, the several continuances, and the hearing finally held on a Saturday, 1/19/08:

    I have NEVER heard of a court holding a Saturday session. IMO, Bristol would have been close to 35 weeks gestation by mid to late January 2008. By the time she had her traffic accident on 2/8/08, the other party did not notice whether or not she was pregnant. Take a look at these pregnant photos here:

    I believe the only true fact that Sarah gave us was the “35 weeks”. Then look at the picture of Bristol on 9-14-07. “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This EXTRA LARGE SIZE 9-14-07 official First Family photo CLEARLY shows that Bristol is at least 4 months pregnant:

    Do the “granny finger counting” before and after this date. The MySpace material on Palin’s Deceptions reinforced my belief that Bristol became pregnant in mid-May 2007 and Trig would have been due in mid to late February 2008, but at 35 weeks gestation he would have been born approximately mid January 2008.

  9. may be on to something with that court date. Keep us posted about it, please! I'd be very surprised if cases are typically heard on a Saturday. Very interesting...

    AKPetMom...nice job. "Tabloid Fodder" indeed...right where she belongs.

  10. Oh my goodness, thanks to all that have posted comments to me! Wow, I have been really busy at work and just checked to see who may have chimed in and I'm so happy to see you all and know that your read my "crazy rant".

    Pro Choice, I will call court system in Palmer or visit next week as I work right down the street from there. I will let you know.

    Rubber, I've been meaning to call but it was a busy week. I'll give a jingle in the morning and see if you are still here hunting for houses.

    And to TB Bisquit, Dreamer, Georgia E Mom of 2 and Mark 4, thanks for reading.

    I had forgotten I was on Gryphs links so I"ll try to keep ya'll entertained as often as I can!

  11. Thanks so much, AKPetMom! I will anxiously await what you learn. You can post it here on this thread and I will check back or if you use TT, you can post it on my wall.

  12. AKPetMom, were you able to find out anything on that Satuday court date? I don't know what is wrong at TT or when it will be back up, so I hope you can post the information on this thread.